Welcome to VIVID, a complete facility service contractor for Metro Detroit.

Would you benefit from lowering your service costs, reducing payroll costs, increasing efficiency and creating more time to focus on your core business?

As a VIVID client, you have the advantage of obtaining multiple services under one contract with a single point of contact, making it easy for you to outsource these functions without administrative headaches. We provide any combination of services through a personalized program tailored to your needs and budget. Customer Satisfaction is based on feedback from you and improved efficiency.

Lawn and landscape , Janitorial and Cleaning, Snow removal or Building Maintenance needs?  One source, One contact, One phone call away.

Easy Solutions… Choose the services you need, meet with your account manager, tailor a program to fit your budget then let us manage and perform these functions. Say goodbye to endless RFP’s and low ball contractors.

90% of all potential clients notice your curb appeal first and the cleanliness of your office second.  Which is probably why Stacie Rikard a leasing consultant with NALP says:

” Curb appeal is the first thing we address when preparing a community for the market. landscaping, painting and cleaning alone cannot sell, but it certainly goes a long way toward creating a great first impression.


Your buildings and grounds are a large investment that requires a wide range of maintenance.  At Vivid we provide an array of services from lawn care and snow removal to janitorial services.  Each one is designed to save you time, bring in new clients or tenants and save you money.

Over the last decade we have worked hand in hand with our clients and have earned a reputation of always being there for them. Outsourcing your maintenance to Vivid will:
  • create a positive impression on visitors, employees, and tenants.
  • Increase your Return on Investment
  • Create a valuable vendor relationship built on trust and the confidence.
It is true we have the experience and equipment to deliver quality services, but so do a hand full of our competitors. What makes us a better choice?
  • We always answer our phone
  • We are quick to resolve issues
  • We listen to you

Consider this.  You are going over the budget and you need to outsource the following functions: Lawn Maintenance, Unit turnover cleaning, Unit Paint, Locksets swap, Carpet Cleaning halls, Snow removal…

In the past you would have had to send out  6 different RFP’s and interview who knows how many contractors.  Who has time for all of that? As if needy residents/tenants, new staff and Corporate E-mails and conference calls weren’t enough. Why not consolidate these services into 1 streamlined maintenance program and then allow VIVID to deliver the desired results and manage these functions for you? On time and on Budget.

  • It is such a relief knowing that VIVID is available around the clock for any job that comes up.  We call them when we need them and send them home when we don't.  Good bye to the days of having to find jobs for staff just to justify their payroll expense

    John Fiorelli
    Manager J.A.F. Consulting and Management
  • To anyone who is looking for a GREAT all around company, to handle your cleaning and landscape needs I would highly recommend that you consider Vivid. Bay Logistics has been using their services for the last 10 years and they have done a wonderful job at our locations thruout the Michigan area. The hands down best we have ever had.

    Don Finney
    Director of Operations Bay Logistics
  • Regan and his crew at Vivid are fantastic! I've hired them for a property I managed and when I took over another property I called Vivid right away.  Their staff is friendly and dependable and I can always rely on the job being done, on time, and looking great!  The customer service and quality we receive ensures that I can save money by never having to hire a full time employee and manage these projects myself.  I don't hesitate to recommend Vivid services for any cleaning, maintenance or snow removal needs!

    Jackie Carson
    Property Manager The Union Dearborn/Midtown

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